Conformal Coating System

Coating for Printed Circuit Board Assemblies

We offer conformal coating for PCB assemblies that may be exposed to harsh environments. With our conformal coating capabilities, we can apply acrylic or polyurethane coating based on our customer’s specifications and an understanding of the environment in which the product is expected to operate.

More Information About Conformal Coating

Conformal coatings are very thin layers of material designed to protect the surface of a printed circuit board. These layers are applied onto the circuit board or the substrate and act as a protective coating from harsh elements. Conformal coating is used when the finished product containing the printed circuit board would be exposed to a harsh environment. These environments may include, heat, chemicals, moisture or any environment that could damage the mechanics of a printed circuit or the substrate.

Conformal coatings can also protect a circuit board by creating a protective layer to reduce corrosion or short circuits. Conformal coatings reduce dendritic growth and electromigration which can occur between conductors.