Design for Manufacture and Design for Testability

Comprehensive Design

Design for manufacturability (DFM) and design for testability (DFT) are critical parts of any new product we launch. We do this to offer our customers a distinct advantage in the marketplace and to create the highest quality product possible.

Our engineers are dedicated to continuous improvement of product quality through our comprehensive PCB design and electronic assembly testing services. This dedication ensures that new products meet the exacting customer demands while striving to lower product costs.

The design for manufacturability and testability services at TMG Electronics are in place because of our dedication to excellence and the collaborative capabilities of the MBG Group, which includes PCB design services.

More About DFM

Design for manufacturability describes a designing process in the development of a new product to ensure that all aspects of the manufacturing process enable efficiency and quality in every step of the process. This process may include fabrication, assembly, and testing all the way through to shipping and repair.

Design for manufacturability can reduce overall manufacturing costs because fewer parts are needed to be assembled or fabricated due to efficient design and reduction in design and product development time for an electronic circuit board. The process is also designed to improve quality and compliance because best practices and materials were chosen to meet customer requirements.