Electronic Product Testing

State-of-the-Art Testing Solutions

We offer electronic product testing solutions for every electronic manufacturing service we provide. With industry-leading experience and state-of-the-art equipment, our electronic product testing solutions create the optimal test strategy for quality assurance.

Test Equipment and Capabilities

  • In-Circuit Testing (ICT)
  • Functional Testing
  • Flying Probe Testing
  • Box/System Testing

Our electronic product testing philosophy is based on the characteristics of your product and how it will be manufactured. Our test platforms include HP/Agilent 3070, Zehntel 800 series to support legacy product and Seica Flying Probe testing for new or low volume products.


In-Circuit Testing (ICT) ensures that the printed circuit board assembly is operational and ready for final system assembly or further functional testing. ICT verifies component presence, correct polarity, individual component I/O functionality, and solder integrity using a "bed-of-nails" test fixture.


Functional Testing can be PC-driven or application based with our testing simulating actual-use operational modes in high-volume. If requested by our customer, we can design and fabricate a functional tester or our customers can provide their own test. In some cases, functional testing may require a technology transfer between us and our customers, and in these instances, we work closely with our customers to coordinate this transfer.

Flying ProbeScreening

Programmable, robotically controlled test points can be used for low volume production when you need peace of mind that your product full of indistinguishable components are all functioning and in the correct spots on your assembly.

Box / SystemTesting

TMG Electronics can also deploy box/system testing to test applications and products with a broad range of test methods and systems as well as profound test knowledge in manufacturing processes. Customers get extensive test experience for testing entire systems and also complex systems with a high number of variations.