New Product Introduction

Move Your Products to Market Faster

The pressures from competitors along with increased customer demands drive companies to improve their New Product Introduction (NPI) processes. We offer our customers the right blend of experience and dedication to getting new product introduction (NPI) done quickly, efficiently, and correctly.

Our new product information strategies provide the early life cycle support that is so important in meeting cost and improving time-to-market for your new product. TMG Electronics in-house prototyping helps to formalize and improve the early phase of product development by evaluating each process to ensure we are operating to meet specifications and able to optimize the manufacturing process.

As your electronic manufacturing service provider, our NPI process and management skills can bring long term value to your new product investment by getting the job done right – the first time.

As a leading electronic manufacturing service provider, TMG Electronics is proud to serve a range of OEM’s with electronic manufacturing and assembly needs that are too complex for small contract manufacturers to manage, but whose volume requirements and assembly technology does not interest large scale electronic assembly service providers.

We support any industry that has products containing electronic assemblies. Electronic assembly solutions range from printed circuit board assemblies (PCBAs) to new product introduction and prototyping, through-hole and surface mount assembly, product testing and box-build assembly.