Through Hole Technology

Services for All Types of Through Hole Components

TMG Electronics is ready to meet your electronic manufacturing services needs with a wide range of capabilities, including through hole (TH) technology. We offer fully equipped services for handling all types of through hole components.

  • Automated insertion equipment for DIP, axial and radial components
  • Automated component forming and trimming
  • Wave soldering
  • Robotic selective soldering
  • Design of wave soldering selective pallets

More About Through Hole Technology

What exactly is through hole technology? There are two basic methods for mounting a component to a printed circuits board, the first is called surface mount assembly and the second method is called through hole technology (abbreviated "TH"). While a surface mount literally affixes the component to the top surface of the board, through hole technology attaches the component to the board by providing holes in the board to allow the component lead to go through the board and exit the opposite side of the board. From here the leads are soldered to the copper track completing the circuit.

There are many reasons why through hole technology is used over surface mount including the size and shape of the component, the placement of leads, and even the sensitivity and stress of the component.