Lean Methodologies and Six Sigma

Total Quality Management

Our Total Quality Management (TQM) initiative drives every functional department with continuous improvement principles. Our focused areas are Quality Leadership, Customer Relationship Management, Manufacturing Excellence, Time-to-Market and Supply Chain Management.

Management believes that this focus on operational excellence is the foundation upon which TMG Electronics emerges as a recognized world-class electronic manufacturing solutions provider. We embrace and combine Lean principles to deliver breakthrough performance improvements that will allow us to deliver customer product quality, cost-effective material sourcing, and world-class manufacturing processes.

Lean Methodologies

Lean manufacturing principles provide continuous improvement by targeting and eliminating “waste” in all of its forms. These actions directly improve our operational and financial performance while also increasing total customer satisfaction. TMG Electronics deploys some of the following:


Sort, Set in order, Shine, Standardize, and Sustain for shop organization and cleanliness

SMT Set-Up - Changeover

Reduced changeover times and error proofing


Performance data and goals displayed in high visibility locations


Workstation configuration for optimal manufacturing


Emphasizing employee participation for process evaluation and improvement

ValueStream Mapping

Charting and planning to identify wastes, designing solutions, and communicating lean concepts

Applying lean principles is a methodical and never-ending process. We embrace continuous improvement by never being satisfied with our current state.